Allie Chrono Beauty Tone Up UV SPF 50+ Rose Chaire – Review 

While shopping for the Allie sunscreens earlier this year, I didn’t check the ingredients lists since I trust the brand, and I thought that both the standard Allie UV Gel EX and this Tone Up version would be identical. I assumed that the only difference would be in the colourings of the products, but that’s not the case. 

The formulation features a blend of mineral as well as chemical filters, including Mexoryl XL. The filters are engulfed in a moisture-retaining base consisting of glycerine, hyaluronic acid, and a few polymers. The main distinction between this product and the regular Allie Gel is the inclusion of silica, which absorbs oils and moisture, and mica, known for its light-reflective quality and a glittery finish. The composition also includes pigments, which give the suncream its pale, rosy colour.

It’s all about the subtle differences that make this sunscreen distinct from the UV Gel EX. When you rub this sunscreen between your fingers, you can feel the silica powder underneath your fingertips. The suncream feels gritty at first, then some of the silica dissolves, and with its disappearance, the sunscreen’s greasiness goes away. It’s something that the plain Allie Gel is missing. The suncream looks best when it’s layered in moderate amounts, about 1-1.5g for the face per application. It tones up or brightens the complexion without giving it a ghostly, white look, thanks to the pink colouring. In my case, the sunscreen blends in perfectly with my neck, which is prone to redness. The sunscreen isn’t too shiny on my skin, only the T-zone is a problem, but some Kokuryudo can deal with it. However, as my sebum levels increase on the surface, my face starts resembling an oil slick, so blotting between reapplications is a must.

Similarly to the UV Gel EX, this sunscreen also accumulates in my eyelid creases, though less frequently. Also, it withstands well against sweat, friction, and sebum. The problem is that the suncream doesn’t look well when mixed with sebum. On a positive note, this one doesn’t cling to my facial hair as much as the uncoloured version. I believe the zinc oxide particles are smaller in the Tone Up sunscreens, though I still make sure to blend the product well. 

I’ve enjoyed using this sunscreen more than the UV Gel EX. I wouldn’t say that the Tone Up version has a significantly different texture, it’s more a cream-gel moisturiser than the old Allie gels, but the dyes and silica are a welcome addition. They make this sunscreen pleasanter to use and wear. I am not fond of the UV Gel EX, but I’d gladly repurchase this or any other of the Tone Up sunscreens. I think Allie’s Tone Up range is excellent for people who seek more than just UV protection from their suncare. This Rose Chaire sunscreen brightens the complexion, evens the skin tone, and gives a healthy-looking glow. I don’t think the range would work for people with deeper skin tones, as it is meant to lighten the complexion unless that’s what you’re after. And I don’t think it would work under makeup, Allie’s face sunscreen primers are better suited for the job.

Ingredients: COSDNA

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