Shiseido Clear Suncare Stick SPF 50+ – Review

I like sunscreens, but I can’t stand the feeling of oily substances on my palms. I need to wash my hands after reapplying sunscreen, and it’s not always possible, especially in summer, when I reapply sunscreen more often than in any other season. For me sunscreen sticks are, without a doubt, essential.

This formula includes only chemical filters, giving us very high protection of SPF 50+ and proportionately high anti-UVA protection. The stick has mineral oil in its base, as all stick sunscreens require mineral oil or plant oils to be spreadable. The product also features the Profense CEL complex consisting of plant extracts, which protects the skin from the oxidative stress of UV rays. And, the SynchroShield technology, also found in Anessa sunscreens, creates a protective film reinforced when the sunscreen comes in contact with heat, water or perspiration. The formula includes fragrance, but the sunscreen doesn’t have an overwhelming scent; it’s pretty pleasant.

Before buying the sunscreen, I’d thought that I wouldn’t have liked it because of the mineral oil, but it grew on me with use. There’s something gratifying about smothering skin with this sunscreen. It feels like a stick of warm butter cocooning the skin and coating it with a shiny layer that can prevent UV damage, which makes me want to apply it infinitely. I do about twenty swipes per every zone of my face, and the amount used doesn’t much influence the finish on the skin. It is a mineral oil-based sunscreen, it is shiny on the skin, but it works wonderfully well with mattifying powders. This year I am testing the Kokuryudo Privacy UV Face Powder, which changes the finish of the sunscreen to more matt. After absorbing the powder, the sunscreen doesn’t look too shiny. I mean, any finely milled powder would fare similarly with this sunscreen, so I definitely recommend following up with powder.

Honestly, this stick is such a time-saver. It makes the process of reapplication so effortless and without any mess. I can glide this stick on any surface, even in the corners of my eyes or nose. Even though it has a large shape, it reaches any corner of my face. Surprisingly, it doesn’t break me out. One of my worries when I was getting the product, was that it might be troublesome due to the mineral oil in its base. The only issue I’ve got with it is that it makes my skin reddish, I don’t know if it’s the filters or the fragrance components, but my skin flushes when I apply this sunscreen.

The stick reminds me of the Anessa sunscreen in one aspect, more precisely, its film-forming technology, which traps sweat underneath the product. However, unlike the Anessa sunscreen, this product doesn’t contain minerals or starchy powders, so there is nothing to turn my sweat into drops of white paint. It just sits on my face like morning dew on the grass. Unless the sweat flows from my hairline so it will just slide down on the sunscreen without removing it. Also, this product doesn’t grease up my sunglasses much, which happens with many sunscreens; this one truly clings to the skin. I think I would like Anessa sunscreens if they didn’t include powders or minerals in them, unfortunately, there aren’t any like that. Speaking of sunscreens with minerals, I would recommend pairing this stick, if you don’t use this sunscreen as your primary product, with translucent sunscreens. The types that leave little to no white cast because if you glide the stick over something like the Allie UV Gel, you may end up with white streaks on your face. 

Overall, this sunscreen is an excellent product. It can be used on its own or only for reapplications. It’s easy to use, mess-free and gives exceptional protection against UV rays. It is suitable for all skin types, but people with oily and acneic skin types may find the mineral oil base too heavy. Lastly, I think the product is a good value for money. This stick costs more than stick sunscreens from European brands, but you get a 20g stick compared to 8-10g sticks offered by European brands. Also, you can find this product on offer, especially during summer, which makes it cheaper than stick sunscreens from European brands, and I mainly have in mind French pharmacy brands. I highly recommend this product. 


The Clear Suncare Stick SPF 50+ is available from [aff].

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