Melano CC Essence Face Masks – Review

Melano CC Essence is one of my favourite vitamin C serums. However, I’d never tried anything else from the line, this why I bought the accompanying sheet masks from the line. I finished using the entire box of Rohto Melano CC Essence Face Masks on 18 August (I know this review is overdue) and the results were terrific. The sheet masks come in a box of 20, and mblovesskincare has recommended me to store them in the fridge, to keep them fresh, and it gives an extra cooling sensation. It’s a great tip because you may want to save them for longer and preserve the essence at its best. I will soon tell you why you may want to do this, but first, let’s talk about the results.

Rohto advertise that the masks are great for replenishing moisture, especially after a long day in the sun (though I wouldn’t recommend baking yourself all day long). The combination of hydrating ingredients and derivatives of vitamins C & E as well as liquorice extract are supposed to replenish and rebalance the skin. It goes without saying that, the masks are supposed to brighten the skin and help with hyperpigmentation. I don’t know what to say other than these masks did what it says on the box. They are very hydrating, I mean a lot. My entire face became plump, soft, and more even after using these masks. While using these masks, I didn’t experience any breakouts, contrary to LuLuLun’s sheet masks. They made my face appear noticeably brighter. Also, the people around me have noticed the difference. You know that a product works when someone compliments your looks. As for hyperpigmentation, well I have a few stubborn marks after spots, and they are tough to erase. Although the masks couldn’t fade them away completely, they appear to be less visible. On the positive side, I noticed that my undereye area significantly lightened up, of course, it won’t fix dark circles, but at least they appear less scary. A few days after finishing the sheet masks, I noticed that my under eye area returned to normal, then the supple skin faded and lastly, the bright, glowy look disappeared – it all lasted about a week or so. My complexion still appears evened out, but the glow is gone.

Also, before using I’d been worried that the masks would irritate me, but I haven’t experienced any irritation. There are fragrance and citrus fruit extracts, in the essence that the masks are soaked in. Unless you’re very sensitive or allergic to such ingredients, you will be fine. From the technical side: the cut of the masks is pretty decent not big enough to cover my large face, but most of it. The masks adhere very well and don’t move at all, even bubbles don’t appear. Each mask is evenly soaked in the essence, and there was no dripping at all.

As much as I am pleased with the results, I would not recommend using them all at once. Honestly, I saw the best results about ten days after I’d started using the masks. The results were at the peak on day 10, and after that, there wasn’t much of a difference. So if you want to get the most out of your investment, use the masks for ten days in a row and then switch to every other day or from the beginning use them every now and then.

Overall, the masks are a great way to brighten and revitalise your complexion. They boost moisture, give a healthy-looking and glowy skin, resembling an after-facial effect. I highly recommend these sheet masks to anyone wanting to rebalance and brighten the skin. They are great for all skin types, though people with particularly sensitive skin should be cautious.

IMG_5068 2

Ingredients: Water, glycerin, BG, 3-0- ethyl ascorbic acid (vitamin C derivative), tocopherol acetate (vitamin E derivative), ascorbic acid, lemon fruit extract, grapefruit fruit extract, glycyrrhizin acid 2K, citric acid Na, PPG-6 decyl Tetoradesesu -30, citric acid, EDTA-2Na, xanthan gum, hydroxide K, ethanol, methylparaben, perfume (

Rohto’s Melano CC Essence Face Masks are sold at [aff].


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