Cos De BAHA S4 Salicylic Acid BHA 4% Serum – Review

This product comes in a small, modest-looking ampoule, easy to miss while rummaging through web pages, but it packs a punch. 

The serum contains a relatively simple formula consisting of aloe vera leaf extract, which, I assume, also accounts for water in the composition as it’s not listed. The active component is salicylic acid at a pretty high concentration of 4%, aided by niacinamide and a host of plant extracts. The product is unperfumed and suitable for all skin types. 

The serum has a lightly viscous consistency. It absorbs instantly into the skin, and a couple of drops go a long way. I am quite impressed with this product. Despite its more generous (than the usual 2%) concentration of salicylic acid, I don’t find it irritating at all; I can use it even right after shaving without any burning sensation. It effectively degreases and exfoliates the skin, resulting in the reduction of blemishes and a smoother complexion. After about two weeks of daily usage, I could see fewer sebaceous filaments on my nose. Of course, the product didn’t stop my sebum production but decreased it and lifted many blackheads to the surface, which made them easier to extract. As with any skincare product, the effects last only as long as I use the product, but I have no issues incorporating it into my routine, and one application a day is all I need to get the promised results.  

I think this serum is fantastic for people with oily and acne-prone skin types. It probably won’t help with acne on its own, though it would be enough for people who only get occasional breakouts. Nevertheless, it’s a gentle yet effective treatment, definitely worth considering.  


The Cos De BAHA S4 Salicylic Acid BHA 4% Serum is available from [aff] and [aff]. 

2 responses to “Cos De BAHA S4 Salicylic Acid BHA 4% Serum – Review”

  1. *Adds serum back to cart* 😂😂😂😂

    It will replace the 2% version that I currently have since as much 2 drops is enough. I’ve been looking for extra motivation to hop on the 4% version.

    Thanks man 😁

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