These pads are quite lovely, I must admit. They have been available for years; I remember buying my first jar of these more than two years ago. But only recently, they have gained on popularity. 

The main four components of the solution in which the pads are soaked are 5% glycolic acid, salicylic acid, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid. By looking at the ingredients list, I assume that the other exfoliating acids are in the concentration of around one per cent or less. Although the mix of acids may seem overwhelming, I wouldn’t call them extreme. For someone who is used to acids, they would be above a mid-strength acid product. The product isn’t targeted at any specific skin type, but at people who want to desquamate dead skin, brighten the complexion and improve the look of their pores. Unfortunately, people sensitive to fragrance probably won’t be able to use this product, as it contains quite a lot of it. They smell lemony, not in an unpleasant way, though. 

As I’ve said before, the product isn’t extreme. It’s not the mildest, but not overpowering. Perhaps for first-time users, it can be a bit too much to use daily, but if you are used to acids, then use it as often as you need. I like to use this product not only on my face but also on my body, because it removes dead skin well. Just like on my face, I prefer to use acids over physical exfoliators (or body lotions with urea).

I would say these pads work pretty good results; they can make your skin appear brighter and smoother. I wouldn’t expect them to help with sun damage or enlarged pores. You need a stronger concentration of glycolic acid for that. Also, Nip + Fab recommend this for congested skins, and I am not sure why. The content of salicylic acid is pretty low here, and 5% of glycolic acid won’t do much for congested pores. This product is useful for refreshing the skin, more than anything.

I recommend this product for anyone who wants an exfoliating product, which isn’t too harsh. These pads are great for use in rotation with other, stronger acids. They are suitable for most skin types except for sensitive ones. 

The Nip + Fab GLYCOLIC FIX NIGHT PADS EXTREME cost €14.95; available from all Nip + Fab’s stockists worldwide.



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