Jo Malone Vitamin E Eye Crème – Review

Eye creams are one of the topics that polarise people. Some people can’t live without them, and some people classify them as overpriced moisturisers – I am somewhere in between. I buy an eye cream once in a while, but I am never convinced that eye creams do anything more than a face moisturiser. Then why do I hold buying them? I don’t know.

Here’s what Jo Malone say about this product:

’A luxurious formula designed to moisturise the delicate skin around the eyes while helping to reduce the look of fine lines and dark circles.’ (

I don’t have the full ingredients list for this product, as it is available nowhere online. The ingredients list had been stuck on the bottom of the jar, but the glue used was pretty strong, and I couldn’t peel the sticker off without tearing it. So I will mention the ingredients that I could read on the sticker pieces.

The first ingredient is water, as in many products. Then the formula includes squalane, a mix of various moisturising alcohols, dimethicone; extracts of barely, birch bark, wheat, red algae, lady’s thistle, and camellia flower. There are almond, avocado, and apricot kernel oils and shea butter. We can also find cholesterol and vitamin E, as the name of the product indicates it. There are adenosine and caffeine, which are excellent antioxidants, as they help to revitalise the skin around eyes eye. Obviously, there’s fragrance, after all, Jo Malone are known for their scents.

The cream is lush and moisturising. It’s thicker than Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream, it feels like a fluffy butter. If you have a problem with milia, you may want to test it before buying the full jar.
I don’t think this eye cream does a better job than SVR Sebiaclear Hydra does when I apply it around my eyes. I don’t see a dramatic difference with this product. Plus, it contains a ton load of fragrance. It lingers for hours, no joke. If you have sensitive skin, don’t be foolish like me and buy the entire jar without trying. I am calling myself silly because this cream irritated my eye area a few times. I blame nothing else but the fragrance mix used in this product. I do not recommend this product.

The Vitamin E Eye Crème costs €46, available in all Jo Malone shops and online.


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