Mentholatum Sunplay Clear Water SPF 50+ PA++++ – Review

Mentholatum Sunplay sunscreens are one of the most popular sunscreens in Japan. They are affordable and provide high sun protection. The sunscreen that I am reviewing today is one of the Sunplay sunscreens reformulated last year. Japanese and Koreans sunscreens often go through changes. I find it quite clever, as a brand can adjust products according to people’s feedback and technological innovations rather than releasing a new product and leaving the old one on the market. It doesn’t often happen with Western sunscreens, though. Once released, it stays pretty much the same – too greasy, leaves a white cast? Well, that’s a bummer, but please buy more.  

Sunplay sunscreens offer very high protection. Japanese Sunplay sunscreens usually have SPF 50+ and PA++++. If you look at the Chinese version of these sunscreens, you will be surprised to see that they come with SPF rating of up to 130 (it doesn’t you get 100% of sun protection!). I suppose that the Japanese and Chinese formulas are the same (because why wouldn’t they), so the level of protection is very high. My main concern is that the UVA protection may not be as high, because it’s hard to know the level UVA protection. I would encourage to apply the optimal amount of a full teaspoon (or at least a half) per application for your face and neck. This sunscreen is relatively affordable so no need to skimp on it. 

This sunscreen is a mix of chemical and mineral filters. There are few interesting ingredients like various antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate. This sunscreen is great for anyone with oily to normal skin. In my opinion, people with dry skin would appreciate something more hydrating and less mattifying. Perhaps it may work in summer. There’s alcohol in this sunscreen (you can’t smell it ), and the product is fragrance-free.

The sunscreen fared pretty well. It protected my skin, it has a nice finish, and it didn’t break me out. It worked with my BB cream and cushion. After applying the sunscreen on its own, my skin would look pretty mat, but not powdery mat – I really liked the finish. However, after a couple of hours, my sebum would come through to the top and make my T-zone oily, which is totally normal. So I had to blot my face, as I usually do. Though, I’ve got an issue with the tint.

This sunscreen was coloured with purple-blue pigment which looks fine with one layer. You just need to blend the sunscreen well, and nothing is visible. I must admit that the tint made my skin appear more radiant and even, but when I reapplied the sunscreen, I couldn’t blend it in equally well as the first layer. The sunscreen creates quite a strong film (great because it stays put on my skin), so whenever I reapplied the product a purplish hue appeared on my face. It’s such an odd colour to pick for a sunscreen, as it makes you look simply ghastly. I don’t mind a bit of a cast, as many sunscreens usually leave, but purple isn’t for me. I find the name of the sunscreen bit ironic, because the sunscreen isn’t watery, and it isn’t clear – it’s a purple tinted lotion.

In my opinion, this sunscreen is only alright to use once or twice a day or best as a base under your coloured products. You also need to make sure you remove it with some good oil or balm because it sits solidly on your face, which I actually appreciated. If not for the tint, I would like this sunscreen even more. I may go back to it, but the colour puts me off. 

Overall, it’s a good product. It provides high protection and is relatively affordable. It’s suitable for anyone from oily to normal skin types and doesn’t cause breakouts. The only issue, for me, is the tint of the sunscreen which shows up after reapplying it. It’s a good value for money, and I would still give it a shot.

Ingredients: COSDNA

Rohto’s Mentholatum Sunplay Clear Water SPF 50+ PA++++ is sold at[aff].


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