The Battle of UV Essences: Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence & Isehan Sunkiller Perfect Water Essence

I am back! It’s been a while since I wrote about sunscreens for the last time. So here it goes. I used both of these sunscreens, one till the last drop and the other not as much. I have decided to review these two sunscreens together because they are almost identical from the outside and resemble each other from the inside. I have no idea which one was first who was inspired by whom, but let’s be honest brands like to flatter each other and copy each other. Both of the sunscreens are of essence type also both have a fresh citrusy scent, the main difference being that Isehan is alcohol-free and Biore isn’t.

Connections between these two go beyond similar names and scents. Both of them have a gel-cream texture which surprised me when I used the sunscreens for the first time. I had expected the texture to be runnier rather than jelly-like, but it isn’t an issue in any way. They both provide high protection – SPF50+ & PA++++ and both claim to be moisturising. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract and many other moisture surging ingredients. So far so good. 

Let’s start with Biore as it is the better known-sister of Isehan. Loads of people endorse this sunscreen, which made me think that it would work marvellously, but it didn’t. I can say it protected my face well, but it also made very, very sticky. Not greasy, just sticky as if I smeared glue on my face. It was tacky to a level that my hair stuck to my face, and I had to release it from the gluey grip of this sunscreen. The positive characteristic of this product is that it blends out easily, leaves no white behind. It wasn’t irritating at all. I won’t be repurchasing, though.

Isehan, instead, isn’t sticky at all. It feels like nothing, but after a couple of hours, my T-zone became a bit oily. Nothing worrying, blotting sheets could easily resolve the issue. It did a great job at protecting my skin from the sun, just like Biore did. The major downside is that I had to make sure that I spread it out carefully because it could leave a bit of white powder on the face. I’m saying powder because it looked as if I’d used loose powder before on my face and hadn’t brushed off the excess. Besides, it was fine. No alcohol and the amount of fragrance used wasn’t disturbing. I would say that people with normal to very dry skin types would enjoy this one the most. It’s very hydrating and doesn’t cause breakouts, but it can be a bit too hydrating for oily skin types. 

Overall, these two sunscreens provide good sun protection. The products seem similar, but their finishes are much different. If I had to repurchase one of these two, I would definitely go for Isehan. Although it’s very moisturising, I can still work with that, as I won’t be annoyed while wearing the sunscreen (this is a common issue as to why people don’t wear any sunscreen). I know a lot of people enjoy Biore’s sunscreen, but it didn’t work for me. Perhaps the difference lies in formulas, as I have tested the new one and many people may still remember the old one. Who knows?


ISEHAN – Perfect Water Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ –– COSDNA 

Kao – Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF 50+ PA++++ –– COSDNA


The Isehan Essence retails for roughly €9 and the Biore Essence costs €7.5 at[aff].

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