Shiseido Waso Yuzu-C Beauty Sleeping Mask – Review

When the Waso line was first launched a few years ago, it wasn’t too memorable; the neon-coloured packaging and ordinary formulas did not attract my attention. But, the recent revamp of the line has caught my eye. The new, more sustainable packaging and improved recipes have convinced me enough to give Waso a try, and I’ve picked the gimmicky-named Yuzu-C Beauty Sleeping Mask with yuzu extract, as I love its scent. 

The product contains a host of moisturising agents such as glycerine, dimethicone, and maltitol. They moisturise the skin and counteract the drying side effects of denatured alcohol, which gives the product its lightweight texture and helps with the stability of components. The active brightening ingredients are a vitamin C derivative, ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, and ‘Boosting Radiance Oil’, I believe yuzu oil, encapsulated in tiny, white pearls, which burst upon application. The mask also contains antioxidant-rich Japanese Shikuwasa extract known for its moisture boosting properties.

Like many parfumerie products, also this mask contains a blend of fragrance and essential oils to relax and awaken your senses. Many of you will enjoy its zesty and refreshing scent, but some may find that the amalgam irritates your skin. 

The product is nothing less and nothing more than what Shiseido promise us. It’s a watery, moisture-& radiance-boosting gel that melts into the skin. Technically, it’s a night moisturiser and works best if used as such. The mask increases moisture levels, combats dullness, and gives a youthful glow to the skin. It won’t work miracles, but it will definitely add more lustre than a regular moisturiser. It is not suited for fighting hyperpigmentation, but it might be helpful in fading blemishes. Most importantly, though, the mask will add a cheerful and relaxing touch to any pampering session. Its citrusy yuzu scent helps me to unwind, and I take a lot of joy in popping the tiny vitamin C bubbles with my fingers – it’s fun! 

I think this mask is lovely. Perhaps it’s not overloaded with many catchy or trendy ingredients, but it does what it says on the tin. Also, like all products from the Waso line, the mask is one of the more affordable options by Shiseido, which gives us an excellent opportunity to trial Shiseido’s craftsmanship at an accessible price point. 


The Waso Yuzu-C Beauty Sleeping Mask is available from all of Shiseido’s stockists around the globe. 

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