This post will not be a review but a word of warning. If you read me regularly, then you know that I struggle with a persistent redness on my face (not many people can notice it, but I do hence my pursuit to get rid of it) after a botched IPL treatment. Last spring, I had an IPL treatment to reduce it, and the procedure helped a lot. Last October, the treating doctor prescribed me Mirvaso. It’d worked for the first four days, then it flared up my face and turned me into a beetroot. After reading reviews online, which I wish I had done before purchasing the product, to my surprise, only a minority of users seem to have no or little side effects from the product. The majority ends up with a blood-red face after a few uses, just like I did. I wouldn’t recommend it based on my experience, and if you think about using Mirvaso, bear in mind that it’s just a temporary solution, which lasts about 6 hours. That’s my two cents, but, as always, do your research. 

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    • Three weeks after I stopped using Mirvaso, I went for another IPL treatment to restrict blood vessels because I was lighting up like Rudolph’s nose with any temperature changes.

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