Brita Water Filter

This year’s Earth Day made me reflect on my contribution to global pollution. Even though I am not the most environment-conscious person, I believe doing small things like reusing jars in which condiments are sold or using a fabric bag for shopping can help to decrease the environmental burden somehow. And yesterday, when I was struggling to carry a bag full of bottles of water, I started to wonder: why can’t I just drink tap water? It’s safe. And why do I need to spend money on bottled water? Then it hit me: Brita! I used Brita a few years ago when I was living in the Netherlands, as buying bottled water isn’t that popular over there. People just drink plain tap water, which I did too, but I couldn’t get over the chlorine taste, so I bought a Brita pitcher which filtered the water. The Brita filter clears out organic impurities and metal; it also reduces chlorine and limescale, ultimately improving the taste and quality of water. It isn’t an industrial purifying system, but if you live in areas where tap water is declared safe to consume, this should be enough. I don’t use bottled water for cooking, and I am fine, so Brita-filtered water should be fine for drinking too.

Yesterday, I decided to decrease my use of plastics, and I ordered a new Brita jug. I think it’s an easy adjustment, and I believe that many of you can do the same to decrease our negative environmental impact. If you want to make a change, too, then click on one of the links below to order your Brita pitcher! 

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