Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF50+ – Review

It’s one of the most popular sunscreens among Asian Beauty enthusiasts, I believe. I saw this sunscreen for the first time many years ago, and it has always had positive reviews. I had been avoiding it for years, for an unknown reason, and I should’ve listened to my instinct because this sunscreen is average. It’s not bad, not good, just average.

The formula includes a mingle of chemical and mineral filters. There is a bunch of plant extracts, which provide antioxidants. We can also find moisturising ingredients such as glycerine and hyaluronic acid. The formula is free of fragrance and alcohol. 

This sunscreen is pretty basic; it’s not resistant to anything like water or sweat. It is more of an everyday sunscreen. A lot of people like it, but I can’t understand why it’s hallowed so much. 

It is a hydrating type of sunscreen in a gel vehicle, and it’s pretty moisturising, I admit. People with dry skin will appreciate it. However, I couldn’t appreciate its heavy vehicle as it makes my skin shiny, not only on my face but anywhere, e.g. on my arms too. If you apply a decent amount of this sunscreen, it creates a shiny layer (and I don’t have in mind a quarter of a teaspoon). Another thing that I do not like about this sunscreen is the white cast. I know that in many Asian countries people seek skin-brightening products, but this sunscreen goes beyond that. This sunscreen leaves a proper white cast, which slightly fades with time. It isn’t a white cast like with a mineral sunscreen, but still too much for me.  There are two variants of the product, and I have bought the ‘clear’ version, which from my understanding, is supposed to be translucent upon application, and the ‘white’ version, I assume, is supposed to be brightening. I cannot imagine how much worse the white cast is with the other formula. The last thing that I cannot stand about this sunscreen is how it accumulates in my eyelids’ creases. My creases are pretty deep, and many sunscreens gather there over time, but with this one, it happens within minutes after applying, which never looks good. The only thing that I like about this sunscreen is its gel-like texture, but there many Japanese sunscreens in gel vehicles. 

This sunscreen is not for me. However, if you have dry skin and you like sunscreens that instantly lighten up your complexion, then it’s the way to go. I mean, all skin types can use it, but only people with dry and sensitive skin types will appreciate this alcohol-free, emollient formulation. Whatever amount of this sunscreen I’ve got left, I will use it up on my neck. I will not repurchase the product because I can locally get Bionike’s sunscreen, which leaves me with a less ghostly-looking face, and it’s readily available here. 

Ingredients: COSDNA

The Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF 50+ retails for €12 at [aff]. 

One response to “Canmake Mermaid Skin Gel UV SPF50+ – Review”

  1. Hi. The reason it is liked so much is because of people w sensitive skin, rosacea. Non irritating, non drying. Even Elta, skinceuticals, neutrogena, and epionce bothered a healing biopsy spot. The white does calm down after about 10 minutes. Still I love your review and thanks for posting. I sm on the hunt for something more suitable for midwestern summers.

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