It’s skin Power 10 Formula WH EFFECTOR – Review

The It’s skin Power 10 serums have been on the market for ages, but only recently they have gained popularity. 

The formula of this product is a hybrid of hydrating and brightening ingredients. The hydrating ones are good, old glycerine and the increasingly sought-after polyglutamic acid. It is similar to hyaluronic acid, but polyglutamic acid, unlike HA, creates a barrier that stops epidermal water loss, so you don’t need to seal it in with an occlusive product. The brightening ingredients are arbutin, the type is unknown, and liquorice root extract. There’s also skin-soothing camomile extract. The formula includes fragrance, but it’s undetectable during use. 

I bought to phials of this serum last year. Does it brighten skin? Not really. I’ve tested it on my beard area to fade redness left by folliculitis, but it hasn’t done much. I’ve tried it on the back of my neck, and I couldn’t see any difference either. It is an affordable hydrating serum. I think this product could work well as an all-in-one product for summer, something to apply before sunscreen. It’s light-weight and absorbs quickly, and the plant extracts will give an anti-oxidant boost. It’s a simple, hydrating product, suitable for all skin types, but don’t expect an extreme brightening effect.

Ingredients: COSDNA

The It’s skin Power 10 Formula WH EFFECTOR is available from [aff].

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