Kanebo Global Skin Protector SPF 50+ – Review

Here’s a review of another lovely, Japanese sunscreen.

This product is similar to many other sunscreens from Kanebo; it offers protection of SPF 50+ and PA++++(4), the highest level of UV protection found in Japanese sunscreens. The formula includes a mix of zinc oxide and chemical filters, there’s alcohol, but a large amount of hydrating ingredients compensates its drying effect. The product also contains niacinamide, an excellent antioxidant, which supports the skin’s defence mechanisms and lightens dark spots. The various fragrance components give the product a faint but fragrant scent, which isn’t disturbing. The sunscreen is waterproof with antipollution technology, and it’s suitable for all skin types. I don’t think anyone would have issues with this sunscreen. 

This product is similar to other Kanebo’s sunscreens; it is light-weight and has a gel texture. It doesn’t include any anti-friction technology, as some of the company’s sunscreens do; it is similar to Sensai’s sunscreen, but it has a different finish. This sunscreen leaves a slight white cast, which becomes less obvious as the sunscreen dries down. I am a bit surprised that this product isn’t marketed as a brightening or tone-up sunscreen because usually Asian sunscreens with such finishes are labelled as such. The gel appears a bit shiny on the face, but the shininess decreases as the sunscreen settles. Though after a while, my natural oils kick in, and my face becomes glossy again. It doesn’t make my face look super greasy, I never had to powder while wearing this sunscreen, because it’s more like a glowy skin type of shininess. It’s caused by the hydrating ingredients in the product, so people with very oily skin may not appreciate it too much, but there’s nothing that a bit of a mattifying powder can’t fix. I can also say that this sunscreen creates a proper film on the skin, it’s difficult to remove, and it doesn’t transfer easily onto fabrics. It doesn’t burn my eyes or cause any similar issues. There are no problems while applying BB creams or cushions on top of it. 

Overall, it’s a fantastic product; it offers high protection against UV rays; it’s easy to apply and doesn’t cause any problems. The main flaw is that it leaves a white cast, it’s not glaring, but from a product that is described as ‘[light] and smooth with a clear finish’ (that’s a quote from the packaging), I would expect a translucent or whitish gel. However, this sunscreen contains zinc oxide, which most likely was not micronised, so naturally, the product will leave a noticeable layer on the skin. It’s easy to cover up, though. I recommend this sunscreen, I think it’s a classic, gel-type sunscreen by Kanebo, without their anti-friction technology, and I am sure many of you will like it. The texture of this product is similar to Sensai’s sunscreen but slightly less refined. Considering that the Global Skin Protector is half the price of Sensai’s, I don’t mind it at all.

Ingredients: COSDNA

The Global Skin Protector retails for €45. Unfortunately, it appears like the Kanebo line has been taken off the European market because I can’t find it at any of the leading retailers. I bought my sunscreen this past spring, so it must be a recent decision. However, the line is still available in Asia, and you can get the sunscreen from Yesstyle.com [aff]. 

Update 02/12/2020: I have been doing some cleaning recently, and I have found the box in which this sunscreen came. And to my surprise, the zinc oxide in this sunscreen is micronised, it is listed as ‘zinc oxide (nano)’, but I didn’t feel like that while using the product. Either the zinc oxide particles weren’t minimised much, or there is a high concentration of the filter. 

Update 07/06/2021: The packaging has been changed, the sunscreen is in a black tube now.

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