Amorepacific Vintage Single Extract Essence — Review

This product is upsetting on so many levels, the best way to describe it would be: the price is steep, and the results are meagre. 

The main ingredient in the formula is fermented green tea extract; thanks to this ingredient we are supposed to see the betterment of ‘the look of elasticity, clarity and texture’ of the skin ( Green tea extract is a fantastic ingredient as it is full of antioxidants. The phenols and the main ingredient Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) helps to scavenge free radicals; solutions with 3%—5% of green tea extract has shown to be effective for reducing sebum production. Moreover, products with 2%—5% of the constituent have demonstrated to prevent a modest amount of UV damage and mitigate UV-induced skin erythema (source 1, source 2). However, the data comes from the analyses of pure green tea extract, and we do not know how the fermentation process alters green tea and its properties, so it isn’t certain that fermented green tea extract will yield the same results.

Going back to the product, we do not know the exact amount of the extract in it, as Amorepacific do not specify this information, but it seems like there’s quite a bit of green tea in the essence. Another noteworthy ingredient is glycerine; it’s a lovely humectant which helps to increase moisture in the skin. The product is fragrance-free, but it has a natural scent of tea.

Amorepacific make a few claims about this essence, but it fails to deliver on the promises. Every time, I review a fermented essence product, I struggle to describe the exact changes that the products make. Though, there are noticeable results like improved skin’s hydration, radiant & supple complexion, and healthier-looking skinWith this one, I am not sure if it does anything. On the scale ‘It does something, but it’s barely something’ this product sits at the very end of it. As for Amorepacific’s claims, I didn’t see improvement of elasticity, clarity or texture while using this essence. I’d hoped that this product would help to reduce my sebum production, but it didn’t do it. It gives a bit of a glow to my skin, but it doesn’t hydrate it as other FTE essences do. I feel like I would get better results by spraying home-brewed green tea on my face. When I first started using K-beauty products a few years ago, Innisfree’s Green Tea Hydrating Mist was one of the first products that I bought. I would say that the green tea mist did about the same, if not more, to my skin compared to this essence; not to mention that the spray costs a fraction of the price of this product. I am genuinely struggling to find something positive to write about this product because it barely does anything for my skin. I wonder how this essence has got so many positive reviews online. I guess everyone’s skin is different.

I cannot recommend this product, as the results are hardly noticeable. The product costs a lot, and I think you’d be better off getting any other product with 2%—5% of green tea extract if you want to use something with green tea. Green tea extract has a huge potential, and it has been proven to work, but it’s not the best ingredient out there. Use a variety of antioxidants and spend your money on something more worthwhile than this product, like a high-quality vitamin C serum. 



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