YesStyle Beauty – Basics+ Beauty Sample Set || Review

I like to order beauty boxes; I love the excitement of receiving something new and unknown. I don’t prefer beauty box subscriptions as beauty boxes are usually aimed at females and include quite a lot of makeup products. I get it, girls are better shoppers, but can we have skincare only boxes? Anyway. I’ve wanted an Asian beauty box for a while. Many websites offer Asian beauty boxes, but, unfortunately, either many of them don’t deliver internationally or require a subscription. So I’ve opted for Yesstyle’s Basics+ Beauty Sample Set. It’s not technically a beauty box, but let’s call it this way for simplicity. Yesstyle offer 10 ‘randomly selected’ full-size products and samples for US$ 29.90 or 24.4 EUR (free delivery above US$ 35), and they don’t come in a box, but a bag. I ordered mine a couple of weeks ago and here’s what I received:

  • Skin 79 Phyto-hyaluron foam cleanser costs US$ 16.90 on Yesstyle, US$ 17 or from
  • Shiseido Vital-Perfection White Revitalizing Softener (sample 25ml or 0.84 oz.) – approx. US$ 26.4 on Yesstyle or US$ 14.83 if you were to buy it at Sephora Singapore’s price.
  • Sun Smile – Pure Smile Choosy Lip tint Pack – US$ 9.90 on eBay. Yesstyle don’t carry it anymore. 
  • Kose – Pure Moisture Lip UV-Cut (Collagen) SPF 17 – US$ 10.90 on Yesstyle or US$ 6.30 from
  • Sofina – Primavista Powder Foundation (#03 Pink Ocher) – I think it’s the product, it’s hard to say without any box. This retails for US$ 47.90 on Yesstyle or US$24 on Rakuten. 
  • SKIN79 – 10” Magic Quick Mask – US$ 10.90 on Yesstyle or US$ 9.77 on Koreandepart. 
  • Cure – Water Treatment Skin Cream, 30g retails for US$ 12.90 on Yesstyle or US$ 6.50 on eBay. 
  • Sun Smile – Pure Smile BC Cream (Soy Orange) – Yesstyle don’t have it on offer anymore, it retailed for US$ 6.49. It seems to have been discontinued for a while so I’m wondering how old the product actually is… 
  • My Scheming – Skin Clarifying Astringent Mask – about US$ 1.79 on Yesstyle or US$ 1.49 on eBay. 
  • My Scheming – Six Essence Hyaluronic Acid Extra Brightening Black Mask – about US$ 2.38 on Yesstyle or US$ 2.16 on eBay.



So the total for all the items, if bought on Yesstyle, is US$136.56 or 111 EUR. That’s over US$100 savings. If I bought the same products elsewhere, I would pay US$ 98.44 or 80 EUR, which is also a pretty good deal. For sure, I wouldn’t put all of the products in my basket, I am not much of a makeup wearer, and the powder foundation seems too dark for my skin tone. The lip tint is not my thing at all. I also need to bin the BC cream because it might not be suitable to use anymore. Who knows when my tube expired, and I can’t check the date.

I like the sheet masks though, all of them seem pretty interesting. I enjoy using sheet masks in general, so it won’t be a problem to use them up. The Skin 79 cleanser seems interesting. I am running low on Hada Labo cleanser and this one will serve me as a replacement. The Kose lip balm will help to protect my lips from the sun, SPF 17 is not much, but better this than nothing. I am excited about the Cure Aqua Gel as I enjoy their exfoliating gel and haven’t known they produce other skincare products. The Shiseido sample is just a fancy toner; I don’t expect much from it, to be honest.

Overall, the box gives a pretty good saving on the products. Yesstyle could have put a few products valued at $30 and call it a day, but it didn’t happen. I am not surprised this box has received many positive reviews because it is a great deal, and it covers many steps of skincare and makeup routines. For now, I am not sure about repurchasing the Yesstyle box in the future. Perhaps after finishing a couple of products and seeing their worth, I may order another box.

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